Brenda Rivers


Brenda Rivers, founder of Andavo Meetings and Incentives and President of SAFE LLC™, believes the meeting industry has a duty of care to ensure the safety of participants, safeguard the organizer’s financial integrity, and protect against legal liability and reputation damage. The Safe Approach™ is her unique and practical risk management training and consulting for meeting and event planners. Her book, How to Develop a Risk Management Playbook, draws on her background in hospitality law and over 25 years as a meeting professional with experience in all manner of event disruptions and crises. Named a 2018 Meetings Today Trendsetter, Rivers is one of the leading meeting professionals to raise the alarm about the extreme lack of preparedness when the pandemic struck. The Events Industry Council featured her contributions on the standards of care for the event industry in Apex Covid-19 Business Recovery Task Force: Accepted Practiced Guide (Sept 2020). Rivers is passionate about sharing her duty of care approach with planners and organizers. To help the industry get back on its feet and build a future beyond the 2020 pandemic, she created a free on-demand MiniLearning™ course titled “Recover and Rebuild,” designed to help assess risk in safely resuming events. You can book Ms. Rivers for speaking engagements, trainings, and private consulting at SAFELLC.com.

Learner Outcomes

Learn how to re-open your meetings and events with the confidence that you will keep your attendees safe and your clients protected. Alter your mindset about health and safety with the SAFE Approach,™ a process to design, build, and execute meetings and events that are safe and responsible based on the location, audience demographics and purpose.

  • Integrate a duty of care foundation into the design process.

  • Look back to move forward.

  • Gain stakeholder support for the “Why?” of the event.

  • Conduct a vulnerability study for each event.

  • Be a leader who champions health and safety, momentum, and resilience.

  • Include all event supply chain partners in a central health and safety response plan.

  • Insist that all force majeure, liability, safety, and security clauses are updated.

  • Redesign events with audience value proposition focused on health and safety.

  • Utilize crisis simulations to rehearse crisis and communication response plans.

  • Show authentic care and concern for participants to re-build confidence.


Comprehensive e-Book included with the course

Release date: June 30, 2021